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Monday 27/10

18.00 – This is going to be a busy week, so what’s better than kicking it off by getting yourself into a relaxing mood? Inhale, exhale and let go of all your worries with a free, English meditation session at the Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre.

20.00 – Now that meditation has you all relaxed, head over to SoulFunkMonday at Cafe Sør, grab a wine or a tea and get into the groove with DJ AD and his international crowd.


Tuesday 28/10

09.00 – You probably have a t-shirt in your closet that reads “eat local”, right? Practice what you preach and start the day with an organic breakfast at Kolonihagen Grunerløkka.

11.00 – Move on to a different kind of fuel, brain fuel. Jump on that blue 11-tram down to the Musuem of Cultural History to discover ethnographic exhibitions and Egyptian mummies.

21.30 – Oslo’s World Music Festival kicks off tonight with an opening party at Kulturhuset – Oslo’s new living room slash club slash cafe slash bar slash gamehall slash pick-up venue. There’s something, or should we say someone?, for everyone.


Wednesday 29/10

10.00  Are you feeling peckish after last night? Head to the Nighthawk Diner for a greasy breakfast, bottomless coffee and some great people watching.

17.00 – The soundtrack of a nation is a free seminar at Nobel Peace Centre, and a part of the World Music Festival. Come early to learn all about the 128 Nobel Laureats and their quest for peace.

21.00 – Go revive the political activist in you, Filmens Hus is screening the documentary the 99% Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film.


Thursday 30/10

10.00 – No one makes a light roast Aeropress quite like Tim Wendelboe, which is a result of his attention to detail in the whole process from farm to cup. The hipster kids love it, the dads on paternity leave can’t get enough, and neither should you.

17.00 – Spend the afternoon nibbling your way through Oslo’s food hall Mathallen, visit the fair trade shop and catch Kooperativet’s members come pick up this week’s grocery bag courtesy of local farmers. Then head up to Hitchhiker on the second floor, where a spicy selection of street food from around the globe will take around the world in just a few dishes.

21.00 – So you want to catch at least one gig at the World Music Festival, right? We hear Ayo at Parkteatret comes highly recommended.


Friday 31/10

14.30  The Globalisation Conference is already on its second day, and this afternoon’s talk entitled “Struggling for another Iraq” is well deserving of an attentive ear.

21.00 – Hang out with likeminded peers in a more casual setting, and catch a free concert with Vanligt Folk at Verkstedet as a part of the Globalisation Conference.


Saturday 01/11

11.00  Walk around the streets of downtown Oslo in hope of running into the socially responsible coffee cart on wheels – Rullende Café. The concept is simple: they hand you coffee, you give a donation. And the best part? The donation is passed on to a charity of your choosing.

17.45 – Go meet Amy Goodman, the world renowned journalist, and host of radio program Democracy Now.

22.30  Tiered of being politically correct? Indulge in some of the most delicious cocktails in town over at Morgenstierne. Go on, you’ve deserved it.


Sunday 02/11

10.00 – Unless you are participation in the Norwegian campaign shop stop! Spend your Sunday morning sourcing the flea markets at Birkelunden and Blå for vintage treasures that deserve a second chance.

13.30 – Oslo Mek is a perfect afternoon hangout, warm tea, boardgames, comfy couches and dimmed lights will make you forget that you ever left your living room.

20.00 – No matter who you are, and what you fancy, there is no better way of rounding off a week in Oslo than with Frank Znort at Blå. The house band has been playing every Sunday night for the past 16 years, and there’s no Oslo institution quite like it. Their slogan is “We fuck up your Mondays”, consider yourself warned.

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Lene Haugerud is a Norwegian freelance writer and editor, she loves to travel the world, seeking out both cultural and culinary delights on her way.

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