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Spring is the most exciting season, certainly in the garden. Things are growing, and all of the hard work from the previous year is coming together. Every year there is such an sense of promise when the temperatures climb and the buds break. I have been spending more time in the north of England and find the difference in climate between the north and south startling. It has been very exciting to explore an area of the country that is new to me, I feel inspired. I have also just started on a few new projects such as hand painted lampshades, I love the challenge to produce new and unique objects. As spring fades into summer it is time to take stock and enjoy the success of the year so far.


  1. The soil is warming up and you can almost watch things grow in the kitchen garden. Bursting with tulips and with the promise of a plentiful summer.



2.These ‘Apricot Perfection’ tulips look beautiful with the first of the apple blossom, their seductive curves looking particularly alluring in low evening sun.

3. We always celebrate Easter with a big lunch, roast lamb with wild garlic, and potatoes, then lemon cake and an Easter egg hunt.
4. This year has been exceptional for tulips, this display in north Lancashire was stopping traffic!
5. Most spring flowers have been incredibly good this year! The wisteria up and down the country has been glorious, with its drooping racemes of scented blooms.
6. I have been spending more time in the wild north Lancashire valleys, the soft light and fresh air are so restorative and such a welcome change to the pollution and grime of London.
7. The chickens enjoy exploring the garden looking for insects in the grass.
8. I have been designing a range of lampshades, each is handpainted so is completely unique.
9. It is such a pleasure to enjoy flowers in the house, massive pots of floppy tulips are a short lived but all the more welcome for it.
10. It has been great fun to explore the north of England, including these limestone pavements in Yorkshire where the cracks and crevices harbour rare wild flowers.


To find out more about Robin and his work, visit and or find him on instagram @robinhhlucas

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A Yorkshireman living in London. Matt can often be found exploring his city (and beyond). He takes inspiration from different environments to develop his writing and creative work.

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