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When you get that kind of unexpected encouragement for a project how do you not pursue it? So I proposed the idea, the publisher thought it was absolutely disgusting, but the more people he talked to he discovered people found the topic interesting (undoubtedly to his surprise), and he began to come around, and he was eventually convinced to pursue the project. And so the adventure began.

Occupied by NHP Publishing to be released end of 2020


The High Dive Hamtramck


Stoddards Fine Food And Ale Boston 


Rocky Mountain College Of Art And Design Denver


Pon Pon Denver


Kung Fu Neck Tie Philadelphia


Institute Of Contemporary Art Boston  


Environmental Design UC Boulder


Alphaville NYC

This project led to photographing over 100 bathrooms across the United States, 70 of which made their way onto these pages. Some beautiful, some disgusting, but all have become a piece of me, documenting a moment in time of the experiences I had at each location and the people I met along the way. 

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Award winning art director and digital concept creator who has grown an international following with his efforts to transform the internet into one big friendly neighbourhood.

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