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– Emanuel Sousa, along with his sister Patricia, are both co-creators of ROSA ET AL, a boutique hotel in the art steeped district, Cedofeita in Porto, Portugal. A multi- disciplinary visionary, Emanuel is an artist, architect, painter, writer, chef, actor, director and designer. This article is part of a multi feature that highlights Emanuel’s endeavours and his favourite spots in the district, including the best designers, galleries, vintage shops, theatres and more. Together they create the perfect Porto guide tailored to creatives who love to travel (yet are never tourists), have exceptional taste and an appreciation for great design. –


The restaurant at Porto hotelier’s ROSA ET AL is in perfect alignment with the rest of the concept- slow living with attention to detail and outstanding quality.

The culinary star of the hotel, and highly approved by both guest and critics alike, is ROSA ET AL’s brunch, served everyday to guests at hours appealing to those of us who are nocturnally inclined (and are also offered on the weekends to the public) . Imagine the the smell of aromatic coffee, warm scones and croissants just out of the oven getting stronger and stronger as you descend the circular staircase and you get the picture. Brunch favorites include perfectly cooked eggs served in a number of delicious ways, starting with Eggs Benedict and progressing to more creative variations. Other faves are their homemade yoghurt and granolas, and French Toast with honey and bacon.

Guests also partake in the townhouse’s signature 5:00 Tea, which is a spread that features a number of delicious baked things along with their homemade loose teas. (A word to the wise- make sure you arrive early enough in order to enjoy it!). A selection of these items are also available for purchase and can soon be ordered online or bought at the hotel.

The dining cuisine style can be loosely interpreted as ‘Mediterranean with colonial influences’ but adds Emanuel “This is just a generic tag that does not reflect the complexity of flavours and experiences we create. We try to tell stories in our dishes, It is based on our own history, my mom’s teachings and flavors inspired from my grandmother’s way of cooking, as well as our experiences around the world.”

A variety of cooking classes are offered throughout the year in the communal kitchen space depending on the season’s abundance. And, new to this year, is a summer dining series with evening meal served in the hotel’s aromatic garden.

These evening meals are never from a set menu but instead are a unique culinary repertoire that range from 3 – 12 courses with Portuguese wine pairings. “Guests choose their preferred day of dining as well as any food restrictions and and we create a tailor-made voyage through Iberian Mediterranean flavours and textures.”

You can get a glance at ROSA ET AL’s culinary adventures by visiting their Instagram and website, where you can find out much more info. Also stay tuned for a lifestyle and cookbook which is in the works penned by the multi-talented siblings.



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