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Paolo Barretta started taking pictures when he was very young and he immediately felt a connection between himself and the way in that he sees the world.

He began his studies in photography when he was in high school, approaching photography the first time using analogue techniques.

After moving city, he graduated in Photography, Post-production and Communication, and started to work between Milan and Rome. But “life is weird, and through continuing to work on my craft, I arrived to be one of the ten contestants of Sky Arts Master of Photography 2018.

Can you tell me a little bit about you and how you started with photography?

Well, let’s say that I started with photography like a game. I remember that my friends and I were really interested in what we call ‘art’ today, especially in expressing ourselves through photography. I started very simply: I took my first camera when I was really young and I think I never put one down again, because very fast it has become my main way to experience myself.

How did you develop your style?

I did it with over a long time (and so many mistakes!) I have been many different things during my path as artist and dabbled in different styles and techniques, and every single one has been essential for me, because we are every little thing we have done in the past.

So I reached what I do right now with the right time, and through the right situations.

I think that our experiences are everything for our art.

Where do you take your inspiration?

I’ve been inspired by music and movies since I was a kid, but especially by music.

It has been (and it is still) my main inspiration; I started playing the piano before beginning with my interest photography.

The post-production is a phase really delicate and important to me, that’s why I created I ‘AM WINTER’.

I left all my superstructures and I gave birth to a brand new way to post producing my work.

Cold colors, pastel tones, a nostalgic way to see the world.

How do you choose your models that appear in your photography? Are you drawn to anything in particular?

Why do I choice a model instead of another one? Well, it really depends on so many things, but the most important is the compatibility between the model and me.

That’s why I like to know them before working together. Because when I find a compatibility between us, everything becomes so much more.

I like delicate lines and interesting models, but what I am attracted most is the sea in the eyes.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring photographer?

Be youself. Always.

This is a very hard world to live in, but if you’re not yourself you’re already losing something very important.

If you’re not yourself people will see it in your work.

There is nothing more important than being ourselves, so keep this in mind, always.

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