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Die Goldene Inge can see the beauty in everything!

The world is an awesome place. It’s awkward, amazing, adventurous and everything else from A to Z. Full of moments, places or situations worth noticing. Inge aims to look for the most ‘real’ and to pixelate them for eternity. Without smoke, or mirrors.

Die Goldene Inge is about realness, joy, passion, and dedication. She has a playful approach to her work as well as to her own character.

Inge loves the street and is continuously grinding the golden curbs to extract a fresh essence of life. Inge loves the moment. Urbanity is her golden canvas to reshape solid matter into authentic pixel miniatures of reality. And Inge loves the nature, too. Her golden heart beats for the beauty of our grand world, with the aim to respect and preserve it by all artistic means.

Inge’s Golden Stories are a straight view into her soul.

Inge’s work is about stories. Every image strong story by itself, but framed into a broader context, enabling the spectator a deeper look into her reality. Depending on the headline and topic Inge’s stories may range between ten and seventy-five images.

Therefore, you may understand the pictures shown here as a very condensed extract of what Inge would like to show and tell you. The extensive series can of course be experienced on her site here.

See the world with Inge’s eyes and sneak peek into her work.

Inge’s website

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Publisher, marketer and cultural devourer, Francois’s main occupation is to read. When he does not read, he is also a big movie fan .. and reads about them. Francois curiosity about things and people are what motivates him to learn and now write.

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