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I’m Matthew. I’d like to tell you about my favourite sports team (there isn’t one), or my first pet (a goldfish called batman who lived till 11!), but for me it’s all about music and the arts.

As a photographer I love to work with musicians, artists and creatives alike; having trained as a classical cellist, I hope to capture what it is like to be playing music and expressing music through a photograph. I largely photograph classical music festivals as well as working on portraits for creatives.

Capturing music and musicians live in performance, in rehearsal, or as a portrait, allows me to show the intimate and personal feel to the outsider from an “insider’s” perspective. In my images, I aim to give the impression of feeling the sound and emotion being made, giving an added dimension to the music. I fully rely on my instinct as a cellist to frame and bring to life the music through an image.

Music making is still a big part of my life, obsessing over the cello and Dvorak symphony no.8. I play as much and as often as I can, and one day hope to be a ‘real’ musician (although still with camera in hand). If I had to name one highlight of my music life so far… playing (trying) Beethoven/Haydn quartets, after home-made dinners, large amounts of red wine and with great friends. Although I should say, my memory of those evenings are some-what blurred…

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Matthew trained as a cellist, and has an extended knowledge in the field of music and a passion for the arts all round. His photographs capture a true personal feel in a clean and effective form.

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