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The Book

Chef Tal Spiegel book – This is not a recipe book – takes you through creativity and culinary exploration, into a finalized creation. With over 15 years of experience in design and patisserie, Spiegel will give you a glimpse into how his brain works, and how simple ideas are developed into concepts and creations.

The Chef

Tal Spiegel is a Paris-based pastry chef, originally from Tel Aviv. In his work, Spiegel teaches masterclasses around the world, and creates conceptual desserts for brands that have a keen emphasis on design and creativity. His signature recipes are about combining Mediterranean flavours into that art of French pastry. Spiegel is a Ferrandi Culinary School graduate.

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About the Book

What will you find inside This is not a recipe book

Making and assembling a dessert is a journey. It’s a considered process, a visual translation of culinary thoughts, and a transformation of an idea to a 2D plan and finally a 3D reality. Most of us own a collection of recipe books and some of them are very familiar to us, part of our kitchen stapples even. But how do all the chefs come up with those recipes? What are their inspirations and how do they bring them to life?

“I want to teach people not only how to make my creations, but mainly to inspire them to create their own by learning to develop their own creative process” – Tal Spiegel

Spiegel’s professional career started in the graphic design world, graduating from one of the best design schools in Israel . However, after working for a few years in McCann Erickson advertising agency, as an art director and graphic designer, Spiegel decided it was time to combine his two passions – design & patisserie. He moved to Paris to complete his patisserie studies and become a «pastry chef designer». In his work combines the design codes he acquired over the years and applies them to the world of patisserie with an emphasis on colours, structure and composition.

hardcover books – 256 pages – matte paper
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Tal Spiegel

Tal Spiegel

Chef pâtissier and Former Graphic Designer, committed to combining these 2 passions into his eye-catching creations, and inspire through his work, the creative processes of patisserie enthusiasts.

Pastry Chef

Nathanaël Djimbilt

Nathanaël Djimbilt

Nathanaël Djimbilth, french-congolese photographer. I fell in love with photography because it gets me to discover the beauty in everything and every person, their inner soul.


Francois Le Bled

Francois Le Bled

Publisher, marketer and cultural devourer, Francois’s main occupation is to read. When he does not read, he is also a big movie fan .. and reads about them. Francois curiosity about things and people are what motivates him to learn and now write.


Daniel Zachrisson

Daniel Zachrisson

Independent art director, designer and photographer, Daniel is passionate about all things visual, though considers music to be his main support in creating concepts, images and spaces.


Matt Porter

Matt Porter

A Yorkshireman living in London. Matt can often be found exploring his city (and beyond). He takes inspiration from different environments to develop his writing and creative work.


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