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… With the right soundtrack in my headphones it’s almost magical.

Spring is the best season for many reasons, but mainly because it brings a much needed change, not just to our landscape but to the way we live – at least to us Scandinavians. Gone are the dark days, the winter jackets, the snow, the greyness. All of a sudden everything is warmer, brighter, greener and budding with new promises of lazy afternoons and long nights. Finally we get to step out of our homes and into the world!

The music I have selected for this playlist reflects how I feel about spring. All the songs are on the verge of bursting out into the full bloom of the summer rhythms. I highly recommend you listen to it while looking out the window of a train or bus, dreaming of the bright days ahead.




  1. Far Way – José Gonzáles
  2. Take Me to the Mardi Gras (Acoustic Demo) – Paul Simon
  3. Early Morning Breeze – Dolly Parton
  4. Allting Förändras Utom Våren – Sylvia Vrethammar
  5. Dreamboat Annie – Heart
  6. We Are the Battery Humans – Stornoway
  7. Love is Overtaking Me – Arthur Russell
  8. I Can Hear Music – The Beach Boys
  9. Hazey Jane II – Nick Drake
  10. Soolaimon – Lill Lindfors
  11. Kissing My Love – Bill Withers
  12. Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There is a Season) – Nina Simone
  13. Best Thing I Ever Had – Brenton Wood
  14. Help Me – Joni Mitchell
  15. Cello Song – The Books feat. José Gonzáles
  16. Casey – Dick Rosmini
  17. Små Lätta Moln – Pugh Rogefeldt


About Oda

“I have been insatiably curious about music for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to know what song that is, what kind of music came before it, who was inspired by it, and so on. So it was perhaps a natural step that I started collecting music, and eventually also started DJ-ing.

At home I listen to most kinds of music, but my main genre is jazz. When I DJ I have one rule: I play whatever makes me dance, and hope that that makes other people dance too. That means that most of the music I play is soul, funk, psychedelic and rock, since that is what makes me tap my toes. But I never put restrictions on what kind of music to play, which means that you shouldn’t be surprised if I all of a sudden play a disco song, or a 90ies hit. After all, good music is good music, no matter the label you put on it.”

Written by

Native Scanian who likes organizing things in neat lists. She has a large collection of jazz vinyls (organized alphabetically of course), but isn’t as pretentious as that may sound. Her main obsession in life is movies and she will talk ceaselessly about it unless you stop her.

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