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The Book Concept

In the realm of photography, black and white imagery holds a unique allure. Stripped of color, it focuses on the interplay of light and shadow, revealing the essence of the subject in its purest form. “Share Black & White Photography” presents a curated selection of captivating black and white photographs by 50 talented artists. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits, each image tells a story, evoking emotions and sparking the imagination.

About the content

Featuring works from 50 different artists, this book showcases a diverse range of styles, techniques, and subjects. From urban landscapes to natural wonders, each photograph offers a unique perspective, reflecting the individual creativity and vision of the artist behind the lens. This diversity ensures that there is something for everyone, appealing to a wide audience of readers.



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About the Book

What will you find inside SHARE Black & White Photography

The book celebrates the artistry and creativity of black and white photography. Through the lens of these 50 talented artists, we’ve glimpsed into diverse worlds, each framed by the timeless beauty of monochrome. As we close this chapter, let us continue to explore, capture, and appreciate the boundless expressions of light and shadow in the captivating medium of black and white photography..

Only to name a few, Inge Schuster, Paolo Emanuele Barretta, Luc Kordas, Charlotte Margot Cioli, Sebastian Dahlström, Mjay Lai … and many more

From Landscapes Journey through monochrome landscapes, revealing nature’s raw beauty in silent peaks, mystic forests, and eternal seascapes, to portraits and discovering the depth of human emotion through soulful gazes and graceful elegance, to architecture, street photography, nature landscape, still life, and more …

A modern, minimal and beautifully designed art book that transforms the pages into high quality art prints ready for hanging. It is also an innovative way of publishing; the perforated pages allow for the images to be shared and bring the outside into your home.

hardcover – 112 pages – matte paper
300x375mm – 1.6 kg – english

ISBN 9789187815331

Francois Le Bled

Francois Le Bled

Publisher, marketer and cultural devourer, Francois’s main occupation is to read. When he does not read, he is also a big movie fan .. and reads about them. Francois curiosity about things and people are what motivates him to learn and now write.

Curator & editor

Daniel Zachrisson

Daniel Zachrisson

Independent art director, designer and photographer, Daniel is passionate about all things visual, though considers music to be his main support in creating concepts, images and spaces.

Book Designer

Cinzia Bongino

Cinzia Bongino

Cinzia Bongino is a Graphic, Information and Web Designer specialised in UX/UI design and Data Visualization. She works as a freelancer for clients and design studios in Italy, Northern Europe and the United States; she held two courses as a visiting professor at the Gengdan Academy of Design in Beijing.

Cover Design and DTP

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