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The Book Series

Gluttony is an individual booklet, part of a collection of 7 that discover the interpretation of the 7 deadly sins with a cultural twist, by 7 international photographers.

The Photographer

Uros Abram is known for his unaltered portraits done with “camera oralis”

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About the Book

What will you find inside Gluttony, from The 7 Cultural Sins Series?

“Darken your mind, ruin your self-control”: welcome all ye gluttonous ghosts to the Second Deadly Sin. There was a time when “hurling yourself over the precipice of bodily impurity”, i.e. over-indulging, could condemn you to an afterlife of lying in vile slush under Cerberus’ control, or being force-fed toads. But our over-indulgence nowadays goes far beyond the realm of food – as Uros Abram well knows, as he enters the digital sphere to expose the modern Cultural Gluttons, and asks us what price they will pay for their sins.

His images bring to light a world overridden with cheap content and “minds darkened” by ease and speed of access to culture- photography a particular victim of the technological tidal waves- where both artist and public fall guilty to Deadly Cultural Gluttony: ease of creation for one, ease of consumption for the other. Tell me: how many toads should a photographer swallow?



1 booklet, 32 pages, soft cover – matte paper

170x240mm – 0.13 kg – english

ISBN: 978-91-87815-06-5

Uros Abram

Uros Abram

Born in Slovenia and studied design and photography in Ljubljana and Prague. He is known for his unaltered portraits done with "camera oralis" and has served as a mentor at the Fotopub Documentary Photography Festival.


Kasper Pyndt

Kasper Pyndt

Danish designer with a strong interest in type and print. Obtain his BA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of Design in 2013 after which he did a one-year exchange at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Currently pursuing a career as an "independent design professional" in The Hauge.


Francois Le Bled

Francois Le Bled

Publisher, marketer and cultural devourer, Francois’s main occupation is to read. When he does not read, he is also a big movie fan .. and reads about them. Francois curiosity about things and people are what motivates him to learn and now write.


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