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Book release – Font and flavour, Scandinavian moments with Nordic Bakery (Jan, 2017)
Corporate information – NHP sign a new global distribution agreement (Jan, 2017)
Event – New Heroes & Pioneers at the Goteborg Book Fair 2016
Book release – Saturday’s Kids by Marcus Reed (Sept, 2016)
Book release – SHARE Scandinavia (July, 2016)



Book release – Feelings of imperfection

Through a series of starkly contrasting images, interior stylist Anna Björkman and photographer Anna Malmberg have created a melancholic world that celebrates the feeling certain spaces tend to evoke within us. Feelings of Imperfection examines the duality between two worlds: the old and the new, the perfect and imperfect, the present and the past.

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Book release – Font and flavour
Scandinavian moments with Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery exists for those who seek out beauty in detail and sustenance found in the Scandinavian palette and timeless contemporary design. It is a beauty reflected in hand craftsmanship and nourishment from ingredients freshly foraged from the forest floor. An appreciation for Nordic simplicity in a quiet and mindful atmosphere is tailored for rebalancing one’s internal equalizer.

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Book release – Swimming Pool by Maria Svarbova

The “in the Swimming Pool” is Maria’s largest and continuing series. Sparked by a hunt for interesting location in Slovakia, her fascination with the space of public swimming pools contributed to developing her visual style.

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    An overview of who we are, what we believe in, our new titles and upcoming titles, our back list, and some inspiring mood boards. 

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  • Book release – Saturday’s kids by Marcus Reed

    Saturday’s Kids is a visual history book tracking and defining UK subcultures rendered by and according to, minimalist illustrator Marcus Reed. It offers a roadmap through the UK’s subcultures from the early eighties through the turn of the century to today.

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  • Book release – Share Scandinavia

    An inspiring collection of contemporary works which capture Scandinavia’s placid and rugged landscapes, epic myths and legends, or simply stuff that makes you contemplate through the diverse thoughts of their creators, all from the region or inspired by it.

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  • Book release – SHARE

    An inspiring collection of contemporary works which capture the obscure, insightful, witty, thought-provoking, reflective and diverse thoughts of their creators, by 50 carefully selected international artists, photographers, illustrators and painters, all expressing their interpretation of life in a beautiful art form.

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