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Aaron Tilley is a London based conceptual still life photographer. He creates playful, yet sophisticated, imagery for a variety of international clients and projects. Within his work, Aaron particularly likes to take inspiration from every day, familiar objects but often adding a subtle humour by placing them in a fun and unexpected scenario. Aaron regularly collaborates with Art directors, Artists and Set designers on bigger projects.

NHP have had the pleasure of creating a book with Aaron – MOMENTUM. In this Collective Short, Aaron explores the notion of narratives and storytelling through carefully constructed and captured still images. Executed in a manner that is playful, yet driven with tension, Aaron’s photography exacts an anticipation of the moment that is about to happen.

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Aaron likes to take inspiration from not only everyday objects, but also food, art, science and nature. And no matter his subject, he always aims to breath life into his work, transforming the subject from the familiar to the thought-provoking.

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