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Sweden is a world renowned export of ‘Don’t bore us get to the chorus’ hits- whether it be from powerhouse studios that produce precision-cut candied pop for the teenage and Eurovision set, or indie bands that have a sly knack for crafting melodies that hit automatic replay in our heads. But beneath the pop shimmer you’ll find lesser known Scandinavian talent that’s tastefully outside the main stream and worth seeking out. Gothenburg based singer and songwriter Paul Mac Innes is one such artist who has been quietly laying down the tracks for his own soul train to chug along, imbued with heavy RnB and gospel influences along the way.

At the center of this labour of love is Paul’s voice. From the moment the first note issues from his lips, one quickly understands that this is a human who is in the service of a rare and powerful gift. And one who takes such responsibility humbly and with honor.

Recently off a mini tour in London, Paul explains his streamlined approach to touring in the modern age- “My keyboardist and I landed early morning in London and went straight to rehearsal. We met up with drummer James Ryan, (who is responsible for initiating the tour and the only one in the band Paul had met before in Stockholm), and two others musicians, then did a 5 hour rehearsal. Our set was almost exclusively originals. We used Dropbox to send them the songs beforehand. And they had sure done their homework, Because It sounded good fast. Then it was straight to the venue, soundcheck, had something to eat, watch the 2 other bands play and then we did the show. It went well. The kids in the crowd were dancing even to the slow songs. That’s when you know it is a good gig. And the following nights the shows and crowds got bigger and better. There are so many great venues for soul in London!”

A true aficionado of RnB and soul, Paul grew up ensconced in the choral world and honing his vocal prowess beginning as a child. “From a very early age, it was the voices which is what I have always taken from music the most. When I heard Donny Hathaway for the first time I was blown away. The man communicated so much feeling. You can feel every word he’s ever sung.”

If we didn’t know better we’d think we’d have overheard someone speaking of Paul himself.

New Heroes & Pioneers invites you to discover Paul the way we ourselves did, as he gently slays the Matt Corby tune “Resolution” with his frequent partner Marcus Zovic, in this spare and spontaneously recorded electro- acoustic rendition.


Written by

Writer at large; Singer for Panda Transport; Lover in Lomma Sweden; Made in the USA

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